UCLA to Host Cancer Survivorship Education Day Focusing on Critical Issues That Will Help Survivors Improve Quality of Life

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UCLA to Host Cancer Survivorship Education Day; Focus is on

Critical Issues that will Help Survivors Improve Quality of Life



The UCLA-LIVESTRONG Survivorship Center of Excellence is holding a day-long educational seminar for cancer survivors that will help them deal with the aftermath of treatment and improve their quality of life. Internationally recognized experts from UCLA and other academic centers will discuss the long-term and late effects of cancer treatments, integrative and complementary alternative medicines for survivors, wellness and healthy behaviors, employment and insurance issues and the psychological concerns that survivors and their families may face.


9:30a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Sat., April 14, 2007


UCLA Covel Commons, Charles Young Drive West

Campus map link: http://www.ucla.edu/map/map_northwest.html (Grid 3C)


Cancer survivors have many unique health care concerns and issues that need to be addressed. Following treatment, survivors can experience long-term fatigue, early menopause, infertility, sexual dysfunction and be at risk for secondary malignancies. In addition to speaker presentations, the seminar also will include breakout sessions on such topics as childhood cancer survivors, families and support systems, fertility, genetics and diet and nutrition.


Seminar is $10 per person. Parking on campus is $8.

Space is limited. Early registration is strongly advised. Call Erin Hahn at (310) 825-9781 or email [email protected].


Kim Irwin, (310) 206-2805, [email protected]

Media Contact:
Kim Irwin
(310) 794-2262
[email protected]