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Interpreter / Translation and Deaf Services

UCLA Interpreter Services Team

The UCLA Health Interpreter/Translation and Deaf Services program provides services to all UCLA Health inpatients, outpatients and their relatives at no cost. Every attempt is made to provide services in any language. The service will be provided by an in-person interpreter, video conference or by telephone.

UCLA interpreters contribute to quality patient care, assuring effective and efficient communication that increases Limited English Proficient patients and staff satisfaction resulting in better clinical outcomes.

Written translation of certain medical documents, correspondence and patient education materials is available. However, in-house translation services are limited and some requests will be referred to outside agencies and independent translators. Meet our team »

Our Mission

Interpreters/Translators support the UCLA Health mission of delivering leading edge patient care, education and research one patient at a time. Our goal is to help Limited English Proficient patients build a direct relationship with their healthcare providers through accurate, complete and thorough interpretation/translation in order to achieve better practice outcomes.

As part of our commitment to the UCLA Health, we are dedicated to providing culturally competent services and facilitating access to health services for Limited English Proficient patients, their families and visitors through a full-range of language related services of the highest quality and utility.

To learn more about UCLA Health's commitment to providing quality and efficient language access services to our patients, please enjoy the video below:


What's New?

Video Tele-Interpretation is now available. Learn more »

Did You Know?

  • UCLAHS Interpreter Services Brochure (PDF)
    Download our Brochure
    Available in English
    & Spanish (PDF)
    One in five Californians (6-7 million) are Limited-English Proficient (speak English less than "very well"). In four counties (Imperial, Los Angeles, Monterey and San Francisco), between one-quarter and one-third of the population is LEP.
  • Almost 50% of Medi-Cal managed care and Health Family Program members primarily speak a Language other than English.
  • California's Medi-Cal and Healthy Families (SCHIP) managed care contracts require that HMOs provide medical interpreter services to all their LEP members.
  • Over 200 languages are spoken in California.
  • Spanish-speaking Latinos make up one-third of California's population.
  • There are probably fewer than 500 professional health care interpreters in California and only a fraction of these have been formally trained in health care interpreting and work full time as health care interpreters.