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In California, approximately 13% of the population currently smokes.

Although this is less than the national average of 21%, it means that a significant percentage of California residents still smoke.

Over the last 15 years, public health initiatives have made restrictions on smoking in public places, including bars, restaurants, public spaces and airports.

Hospitals throughout the nation have also been moving toward smoke-free environments to promote healthy living styles among the patients, visitors and staff.

Effective November 16, 2011, the hospitals and health-science campuses of UCLA are now smoke-free environments.

Smoke Free Environment - Westwood UCLA Campus 

Westwood Campus Smoke-Free Environment

UCLA Health and the UCLA Health Sciences have implemented a policy establishing a smoke-free environment throughout the indoor and outdoor areas of our hospitals and health-sciences campuses. The areas that will be affected by this new policy include Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, UCLA Medical Plaza, UCLA Medical Center, Santa Monica, Tiverton House, the Schools of Medicine, Nursing, Dentistry and Public Health, as well as some areas of The UCLA College (see maps below).

In order to meet the needs of the UCLA healthcare community, this UCLA Smoke-Free Resource Center has been created. Within this site you will find updated information about the health risks of smoking and ways to stop smoking.

Smoke Free Environment - Santa Monica Campus 

Santa Monica Campus Smoke-Free Environment

This information is available for all members of the UCLA healthcare community to assist patients, families, visitors and staff who are impacted by smoking. Staff and faculty can also contact their provider or benefits office for smoking cessation programs and pharmacy benefits.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding. By taking steps such as this, UCLA Health and UCLA Health Sciences continue to lead the way toward healthier communities.

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