MARC Community Board

Paula Ravets, Ph.D., MARC Community Board Chair
Dr. Ravets is a clinical psychologist in private practice in Beverly Hills since 1993, specializing in adult and adolescent psychotherapy.  Dr. Ravets received her doctorate from University of Southern California where she conducted research on the effects of group supervision for mental health trainees. She has had clinical experience leading group therapy for both adults and children, as well as experience in supervising groups of mental health interns.  Her long held interest in mind-body practices and emotional well being has informed both her study and practice of yoga for over twenty years. She is a director on the board of Yoga On the Inside, a nonprofit organization providing yoga to disenfranchised populations and is also currently involved in the newly formed "Mind Matters" Political Action Committee.

Lisa Henson, CEO of the Jim Henson Company

Vicki Mercer, MD

Joyce Arad, JD

Community Friends        

InnerKids Foundation
Susan Kaiser Greenland, J.D.
Founder and Executive Director, InnerKids Foundation
Email: [email protected], Website:

Susan Kaiser Greenland has a long practice in meditation and teaching mindful awareness practices to children. Her primary interest is in making ancient mindful awareness practices more accessible to children. In 2001, Susan, with her husband Seth Greenland, founded the InnerKids Foundation through which she has taught hundreds of classes in school and after-school programs both public and private. Susan co-founded Growing Spirit, a family program in Los Angeles that offers the teachings of mindfulness and compassion as a resource for parents and children. Susan has also taught continuing education courses to attorneys regarding mindful awareness practices and the practice of law. Susan speaks at professional programs throughout the country and consults with various organizations regarding the use of mindfulness practices with children. 

Yoga for Youth
Krishna Kaur, B.A.
Executive Director, Yoga for Youth
President & Founding Member, International Association of Black Yoga Teachers (IABYT).
Email: [email protected], Website:

Krishna Kaur has been teaching Kundalini Yoga and self-awareness to the greater Los Angeles community since 1970.   Her first Kundalini Yoga Teacher was Yogi Bhajan.  Her Yoga for Youth program focuses on teaching yoga to students, at-risk youth, inmates, and drug rehabilitation clients.

Santa Barbara Institute for Consciousness
Alan Wallace, Ph.D.
President, Santa Barbara Institute for Consciousness Studies
Email: [email protected], Website:

Dr. Wallace has an extensive background in contemplative practice and academia. He is trained in Tibetan Buddhist studies, physics, philosophy of science and religious studies. From 1997 to 2001 Dr. Wallace taught in the Department of Religious Studies at UC Santa Barbara. He is the author of numerous scholarly articles and many books including, The Taboo of Subjectivity: Toward a New Science of Consciousness, Buddhism and Science: Breaking New Ground, and Buddhism with Attitude: The Tibetan Seven-Point Mind-Training.

Trudy Goodman, E.D.M., L.M.F.T. Co-Founder
Psychotherapist, Meditation Teacher
Email: [email protected], Website:

Trudy Goodman is co-founder and Guiding Teacher of the Institute for Meditation and Psychotherapy in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She founded Insight LA and co-founded Growing Spirit, a family program, and the Center for Mindfulness and Psychotherapy in Los Angeles.  Ms. Goodman has taught the integration of psychotherapy and meditation for 30 years and teaches symposia and workshops for clinicians throughout the US.  She is the author of "Beginner's Mind:  Mindfulness in Working with Children," a chapter in the book, Mindfulness and Psychotherapy (Guilford Press, 2005). 

Joyce Arad, JD