Youth Mindfulness


MARC co-sponsors teen wilderness retreats through the iBme program, but does not currently have any on-site youth mindfulness classes scheduled. If you would like to be notified when new programs might become available in the future, please subscribe to our newsletter and/or e-mail [email protected] to be placed on a special interest e-mail list.

.Mindfulness is experiencing life from moment to moment with full awareness and acceptance. The practice of mindfulness teaches us to pay greater attention to our internal and external experiences leading to a more balanced and harmonious existence.

This class engages tweens in fun activities that include simple body movement, breathing exercises, and guided visualizations. Introspective practices are gradually increased as the course progresses. Students gain a deeper awareness of the body/mind connection, sensory perception and their interconnection with all beings. Participation, questions and discussion are all highly encouraged. Respect of self and others, kindness and compassion form the foundation of the class experience.

Students gain tools that help them navigate the many changes occurring in their lives, if implemented on a consistent basis. The practice of mindful awareness can guide students to improve relationships, create relaxation and calmness soothe the self, increase memory, enhance focus, reduce stress, manage reactions and emotions, increase self-acceptance, and feel more at ease with test taking.