Intensive Practice Program

Intensive Practice Program (IPP)
2023 Cohort Applications Closed



This 10-month online program (March-December 2023) provides a cohesive mindfulness practice and study course for dedicated students who wish to deepen their personal mindfulness practice in a supportive community.

Students will have prioritized access to MARC classes and events, engage in monthly supervision sessions, receive mentorship, and connect in peer support groups. Further personal growth will be enabled by several outside requirements.

All IPP meetings will be held live-online with recordings available. 



March – December 2023 for full program participation

Application Deadline: Sunday, February 26, 2023


Program Fee: 

$2,250  This price includes all MARC Program Components (Classes, Daylong Retreats, Weekend Retreat, Psychiatry 175 non-credit Option, Mentoring, Pod Meetings and Study Groups). Financial discounts are available based on income. Steps to apply for financial discount is included in the IPP Application.


Monthly Group Meetings:

Online required monthly group meetings will be held the THIRD WEEKEND of each month unless otherwise noted, March-December 2023 (Sat 4-6pm PST/Sun 11.30-1.30pm PST):

Dates for monthly meetings:  March 18/19,  April 15/16,  May 20/21,  June 17/18 (Father's Day),  July 15/16,  Aug 19/20,  Sept 16/17,  Oct 21/22,  Nov 18/19,  Dec 2nd (Only Saturday Meeting)

Please make sure you can attend either Saturday or Sunday monthly.

IPP Components

MARC Programs Frequency Required
 MAPs 1  One 6-week class
 MAPs 2  At least two 6-week class
 MAPs 3/MAPs Applications  At least two 6-week class
 Daylong Retreats  At least three daylong retreats
 Monthly IPP Group Meeting Online via Zoom  One two-hour group meeting per month
 Weekend Mindfulness Retreat  1 per year (strongly recommended but not required)
 Psychiatry 175 (non-credit option)  6-week course in Summer 2023 (OPTIONAL)
 Mentoring   Four mentor meetings during the year
 Reading List   Ongoing with optional study group
 Pod Meetings  Monthly small group meetings with members of the cohort (OPTIONAL)
 Outside Requirements   
 Daily Sitting Practice   Ongoing
 4- Night (or longer) Silent Mindfulness Meditation Retreat   One retreat (at additional cost, not included with cost of IPP)

Important Additional Information:

  1. Program participants must be able to attend at least 8 out of 10 monthly group meetings
  2. IPP participants must have a computer with a microphone and camera for distance learning using Zoom. 
  3. This program requires a serious commitment to this 10-month process. Applicants should closely look at their lives to determine whether they have the space and time to commit.
  4. This program is an excellent preparatory program for MARC's yearlong Training in Mindfulness Facilitation (TMF) program, although participation in the IPP is not required and does not guarantee acceptance into the TMF.


IPP Informational Meeting:

Meet with IPP teachers to learn more about the curriculum, program requirements, and ask any questions you might have. 

The Informational Meeting dates have passed- please watch this recording. If you have any additional questions, email [email protected]



Application Process:

New Applicants:
  • STEP 1: Register to apply online. There is a $20 non-refundable application fee. 

  • STEP 2: Submit the 2023 Online Intensive Practice Program Application Form by Sun, Feb 26, 2023 (11:59PM)

Returning Applicants:

If you have participated in IPP in the past and want to take it again, please fill out this returning IPP Application.



Application Dates:

  • Application Closed


The program is open and welcoming to people of all ethnic and economic backgrounds, ages, sexual orientations, abilities, and gender identities.



Testimonials from IPP Students:

  • IPP has kickstarted my journey towards a more mindful life and way of being. The classes have been inspiring and thought provoking. I enjoyed a Maps class on paradoxes tremendously! I also benefitted from the weeklong retreat and am so glad that that is encouraged.
  • I appreciated the sense of community and support from the group. Being able to connect with others around the practice regularly, learning from different styles and perspectives of our instructors/classmates/mentors/pod leaders/study group, learning about their own individual and shared paths/journeys really helped bring energy and depth to the practice.
  • I found helpful the close personal and frequent contact with the mentors and teachers. You don't find this in Buddhist retreats.The staff was great!
  • I loved this experience and learned so much. I felt inspired and supported by how comprehensive the program was, and by the beautiful diversity of the lessons, teachers, resources and various gatherings. The number of requirements helped me establish a regular cadence for my practice, and I treasured spending time with the other IPP participants.
  • I started IPP the same month I got separated. I did not know how I was going to do it all. work, motherhood, and heartbreak. This program was a God send for me. Truly helped me heal through this difficult journey. I have benefited so much that only years the years to come will tell. I am so grateful for all the readings, cohorts, MAPs, retreats. All of it felt perfectly tailored for my journey.