Dear Colleagues:

We are pleased to announce an improvement in the process for surgical consent for Hysterectomy using iMed.

A working group including members of ObGyn, Risk Management, and HIMS, contributed to this improvement.

As of November 15, 2018 the additional Hysterectomy consents  [eForms Portal (forms 500102, 500506 & 500472)] are NO LONGER required when iMed consent is utilized. 

We will no longer be needing the additional “hysterectomy consent” forms that require multiple signatures, has duplicative language and is confusing to the patients.  All HSC regulatory requirements are met in the iMed consent.   This is now active on iMed at UCLA. See screen shot..

The newly updated iMed consents for Hysterectomy meet all CHSC (California Health and Safety Code) 1690 requirements. This update is included in all 28 hysterectomy type consents in the UCLA iMed database library.  When library hysterectomy consent is used, the required consent terms are built in and are AUTOMATICALLY added to the iMed consent document as item #12.

This means that for any hysterectomy done within the UCLA Health System, the iMed database hysterectomy consents in the library will be the only one needed.  This is similar  to the integration of the Paul Gann Blood Transfusion consent where it is now bundled into the single consent document.

Surgery schedulers have all been notified and educated on how to build the consents.  In our Dept we are currently booking cases using new consent.

We would ask the Operative Directors and Nursing Directors to work with staff to educate them about this new consent and to know how to identify item #12 consents on iMed moving forward.  We understand there will a lag with some consents done prior to the iMed roll out from 11.15.18. See below.

The main talking point to periop staff is:

“Does the iMed consent have item #12?”

  • if the answer is YES then consent document is good.  NO additional ‘Hysterectomy’ consent document required.
  • If NO a paper hysterectomy consent eForms Portal 500506 will be needed and when scanned may be found in the Media tab of the patients chart.
  • If the physician won’t utilize iMed, then the physician will need to fill out a generic surgical consent eForms Portal 30947 and hysterectomy consent eForms Portal 500506.

 Hysterectomy Consent.pdf