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HemoSphere Pilot Education

Sepsis Related Presentations

Evidence Based/Practice Performance Initiatives

Test and Expand Your Sepsis Knowledge!

  • Sepsis Day 2017 - Sepsis Jeopardy! (Ronald Reagan)
  • Sepsis Day 2017 - Sepsis Jeopardy! (Santa Monica)
  • We now have a Sepsis online education module and post test. Expand your Sepsis knowledge and take the test! Click here
  • Sepsis Interactive Game: Septris - Stanford University has created an online game clinicians can play to hone their sepsis identification skills. Though the parameters are slightly different from UCLA's sepsis, severe sepsis and septic shock definitions (e.g. temperature) we encourage everyone to play the game to have a better understanding of identification. Click here to play
  • Promoting Sepsis Awareness and Education: “I’m Bringing Sepsy Back” by Kern Medical Center. Watch video

Physician Resources

  • UCLA Education Training Module - This training module takes approximately 20 minutes to complete and will guide the user through identification, diagnosis and proper treatment of sepsis, severe sepsis and septic shock. Click here to begin.
  • Diagnosis Tip Sheet - This 2 page tip sheet was created to help guide high mortality risk diagnoses for Medicine patients. It includes .dot phrases to help enter information in to CareConnect.