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What is Sepsis?

nurse and patient

2017 World Sepsis Day Factsheet - "Sepsis: The most common, but least recognized disease."

Treating Sepsis in the Golden Hour - "The diagnosis and treatment of Sepsis poses a medical emergency. The disease kills more people than AIDs, prostate and breast cancer combined globally. Worldwide sepsis is one of the most common deadly diseases in all countries, yet it is the one of the least well known. Every hour, around 1,000(1) people die from Sepsis worldwide. If diagnosed and treated in the first hour following presentation with sepsis, the patient has more than an 80% survival rate. After the sixth hour, the patient only has a 30% survival rate(2). It’s crucially important that the early symptoms of Sepsis are recognised by both the public and the healthcare sector and treatment accessed, where possible, within the first hour – the “Golden Hour.” If it is, then the risk of death from Sepsis is halved. (3)"