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Joshua E. Freedman, MD

This physician is an affiliate of the UCLA Medical Group but is not employed by UCLA.


Joshua Freedman, MD is a graduate of Yale College, and attended Yale Medical School as a National Institutes of health Medical Scientist Training Program Fellow. He has served as President of the American Association of Technology in Psychiatry and received the lifetime achievement award for advancing the use of technology in psychiatry.

Dr. Freedman is a Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at UCLA where he is an Attending Physician in the Mood Disorders Clinic. He is founder and CEO of He previously co-founded FKK Applied Research LLC, a fMRI-based neuromarketing company, and co-founded MSI Methylation Sciences, Inc, a pharmaceutical company.

About Me
Primary Office
Joshua Freedman, MD - Psychiatry
921 Westwood Blvd
Suite 201
Los Angeles, California 90024


Medical Board Certification

Psychiatry, American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, 1994


UCLA Neuropsychiatric Hospital, 1993


UCLA Neuropsychiatric Hospital, 1992


UCLA Neuropsychiatric Hospital, 1989


Yale University School of Medicine, MD, 1988

Hospital Affiliations

Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center



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