Elana Evan

Elana Evan, PhD

Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of Pediatrics
Founder, UCLA Pediatric Palliative Care Program
Director of Comfort Care Research and Program Development
Member, JCCC Community



Contact Information

Scientific Interests

Dr. Elana Evan's research interests are in the area of pediatric palliative care, childhood communication, coping and cognitive ability.

Highlighted Publications

Evan EE, Kaufman M, Cook AB, Zeltzer LK. Sexual health and self-esteem in adolescents and young adults with cancer. Cancer. 2006 Oct 1;107(7 Suppl):1672-9.

Evan EE, Zeltzer LK. Psychosocial dimensions of cancer in adolescents and young adults. Cancer. 2006 Oct 1;107(7 Suppl):1663-71.