Cancer Clinical Trials

Do you want to participate in a cancer clinical trial that could contribute to a medical advancement or lead to a cure? Use the search below or scroll down to select clinical trials by cancer type.

Clinical Trials Hotline

UCLA conducts research for a wide range of cancers and offers patients the opportunity to participate in clinical trials and research. Connect with us to see if you’re a good fit for a cancer clinical trial.

Sponsored Trials

UCLA offers clinical trials not only in Los Angeles but also sponsors trials at partner institutions across the country. These trials are facilitated through the TRIO-US Network (Translational Research in Oncology-US) not-for-profit organization. To find a sponsored trial you can use our search tool above, or visit their website.

If We Don't Have a Trial

The National Cancer Program at the National Cancer Institute brings together a network of researchers working to benefit the cancer patients of today and tomorrow. Use the search tool at their website to find non-UCLA clinical trials currently provided at institutions across the country.

Clinical Trials FAQ

Clinical trials are essential for developing new methods of preventing, diagnosing and treating cancer. Read these frequently asked questions (FAQs) and answers if you or a loved one is thinking of participating in a clinical study.