Hyun J. (Grace) Kim, PhD

Hyun (Grace) J. Kim, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Radiological Science
Member, JCCC BASE Unit Shared Resource



Scientific Interests

Dr. Hyun J. (Grace) Kim's research focuses on classification, spatially and temporally correlated data analysis and pattern recognition of therapeutic response in medical imaging data. Specifically, Kim is studying approaches to classify abnormal patterns in interstitial lung diseases in computed tomography (CT) images, as well as removing noise in CT imaging. She is applying these methods to develop an automated model of classifying and scoring abnormalities in patterns of interstitial lung disease, such as fibrotic reticular and honeycomb patterns, and ground glass opacity abnormalities. In cancer studies, Kim's work involves identifying a predictive classifier and surrogate outcomes to a therapeutic response, including progression-free survival and overall survival, via MRI images.

Highlighted Publications

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