Jason Ernst

Jason Ernst, PhD

Professor, Departments of Biological Chemistry, Computer Science, and Computational Medicine
Member, Eli and Edythe Broad Center of Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Research
Member, Interdepartmental Program in Bioinformatics



Scientific Interests

Dr. Jason Ernst's research interests are in computational biology and bioinformatics. He is interested in developing and applying machine learning methods for the analysis of high-throughput experimental data to address problems in epigenomics and gene regulation.

Highlighted Publications

Ernst J, Melnikov A, Zhang X, Wang L, Rogov P, Mikkelsen TS, Kellis M. Genome-scale high-resolution mapping of activating and repressive nucleotides in regulatory regions. Nat Biotechnol. 2016 Nov;34(11):1180-1190. doi: 10.1038/nbt.3678. Epub 2016 Oct 3.

Ernst J, Kellis M. Large-scale imputation of epigenomic datasets for systematic annotation of diverse human tissues. Nat Biotechnol. 2015 Apr;33(4):364-76. doi: 10.1038/nbt.3157. Epub 2015 Feb 18.

Ernst J, Kellis M. ChromHMM: automating chromatin-state discovery and characterization. Nat Methods. 2012 Feb 28;9(3):215-6. doi: 10.1038/nmeth.1906.

Ernst J, Kheradpour P, Mikkelsen TS, Shoresh N, Ward LD, Epstein CB, Zhang X, Wang L, Issner R, Coyne M, Ku M, Durham T, Kellis M, Bernstein BE. Mapping and analysis of chromatin state dynamics in nine human cell types. Nature. 2011 May 5;473(7345):43-9. Epub 2011 Mar 23.

Ernst J, Kellis M. Discovery and characterization of chromatin states for systematic annotation of the human genome. Nat Biotechnol. 2010 Aug;28(8):817-25. Epub 2010 Jul 25.