Jason Link

Jason M. Link, PhD

Associate Adjunct Professor, Department of Surgery/Surgical Oncology





PhD, University of Alabama at Birmingham, 2002
BS, Willamette University, Salem, OR, 1997

Contact Information

Scientific Interests

Dr. Link’s primary activities over the last decade have been to generate the resources, infrastructure, and patient-derived models for translational research in pancreatic adenocarcinoma. His specific research interest is studying the unique tumor immunity and primary tumor properties that allow some patients with PDAC to survive many years with indolent metastatic disease. Dr. Link’s background is in immunology and MYC-related oncogenisis.

Highlighted Publications

The replication stress response kinase ATR is an interferon signaling driven co-dependency in pancreas cancer cells. Evan R. Abt, Thuc M. Le1, Amanda M. Dann, Joseph R. Capri, Soumya Poddar, Vincent Lok, Luyi Li, Keke Liang, Khalid Rashid, Amanda L. Creech, Woosuk Kim, Nanping Wu, Jing Cui, Arthur Cho, Hailey Rose Lee, Ethan W. Rosser, Jason M. Link, Johannes Czernin, Ting-Ting Wu, Robert Damoiseaux, David W. Dawson, Timothy R. Donahue, and Caius G. Radu. 2022. Cell Reports.

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