Marta Epeldegui

Marta Epeldegui, PhD

Associate Professor in Residence, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Member, UCLA AIDS Institute
(310) 206-6846



Scientific Interests

Dr. Marta Epeldegui's research for several years has focused on better elucidating the immunopathogenesis of HIV/AIDS, especially that of AIDS-associated lymphoma. Her Ph.D. focused on the role of activation-induced cytidine deaminase (AID) in driving oncogenic molecular changes in B cells, and on the induction of B cell activation by HIV virions, defining the role of CD40 ligand in this process. Currently, she is studying the association of immune activation in the development of HIV infection-associated lymphoma.

Highlighted Publications

Epeldegui M, Magpantay L, Guo Y, Halec G, Cumberland WG, Yen PK, Macatangay B, Margolick JB, Rositch AF, Wolinsky S, Martinez-Maza O, Hussain SK. 2018. A prospective study of serum microbial translocation biomarkers of AIDS-related non-Hodgkin lymphoma. AIDS 32(7): 945-954. PMC5869109.

Epeldegui M, Conti D, Guo Y, Cozen W, Penichet ML and Martinez-Maza O. 2019. Elevated numbers of PDL1 expressing B cells are associated with the development of AIDS-NHL. Scientific Reports: 9(1): 9371. PMC6599055

Shieh A, Epeldegui M, Karlamangla AS, and Greendale GA. 2019. Gut permeability increases during the menopause transition and is associated with inflammation and bone loss. JCI Insight: 5(2): 134902. PMC7098720

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Martínez, L.E., Lensing, S., Chang, D., Magpantay Larry I., Mitsuyasu, R., Ambinder, R.F., Sparano, J.A., Martínez-Maza, O. and Epeldegui, M. 2021. Immune activation and microbial translocation as prognostic biomarkers for AIDS-related non-Hodgkin lymphoma in the AMC-034 study. Clinical Cancer Research 27(16):4642-4651. PMC8364886

Martínez LE, Lensing S, Chang D, Magpantay LI, Mitsuyasu R, Ambinder RF, Sparano JA, Martínez-Maza O and Epeldegui M. 2022. Extracellular vesicles bearing PD-L1, CD40, CD40L or TNF-RII are significantly reduced after treatment of AIDS-NHL. Scientific Reports 12(1): 9185. PMC9163074

Martinez L, Ibarrondo J, Guo Y, Penichet ML and Martinez-Maza O and Epeldegui M. CD8+CXCR5+PD1+ T cells are elevated in HIV infection and express BCL6. 2023. Journal of Immunology 210(1): 33-39 . PMC9840893