Mehdi Bouhaddou, PhD

Mehdi Bouhaddou, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics





Mass spectrometry proteomics, virology, and bioinformatics, University of California, San Francisco, CA, 2023


PhD, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York, NY, 2018
BA, University of California, Berkeley, CA, 2010

Contact Information

Scientific Interests

The Bouhaddou lab attempts to better understand and predict the behavior of signaling networks, with relevance to network-guided precision oncology. Many targeted therapies fail to induce a durable response due to signaling compensation or insufficient oncogene shutoff, both of which require a deeper understanding of signaling network interconnectivity and function. The Bouhaddou lab uses mass spectrometry proteomics and computational modeling to identify the protein-protein interactions and post-translational modifications that dictate signaling pathway connectivity—How does pathway A activate pathway B in a specific cellular context? In addition, in collaboration with the University of Ghana, the Bouhaddou lab studies how HIV and HPV cooperate to drive advanced cervical cancer in co-infected African women with the goal of developing HIV-specific therapeutic approaches to treat cervical cancer.  

Highlighted Publications

Bouhaddou, Mehdi; Yu, Li J; Lunardi, Serena; Stamatelos, Spyros K; Mack, Fiona; Gallo, James M; Birtwistle, Marc R; Walz, Antje-Christine. Predicting in vivo efficacy from in vitro data: quantitative systems pharmacology modeling for an epigenetic modifier drug in cancer. Clinical and translational science (2020).

Kim, Minkyu; Park, Jisoo; Bouhaddou, Mehdi; Kim, Kyumin; Rojc, Ajda; Modak, Maya; Soucheray, Margaret; McGregor, Michael J; O’Leary, Patrick; Wolf, Denise; et al. A protein interaction landscape of breast cancer. Science (2021).

Bouhaddou, Mehdi; Lee, Rex H; Li, Hua; Bhola, Neil E; O’Keefe, Rachel A; Naser, Mohammad; Zhu, Tian Ran; Nwachuku, Kelechi; Duvvuri, Umamaheswar; Olshen, Adam B; et al. Caveolin 1 and Sox-2 are predictive biomarkers of cetuximab response in head and neck cancer. JCI insight (2021).

Swaney, Danielle L; Ramms, Dana J; Wang, Zhiyong; Park, Jisoo; Goto, Yusuke; Soucheray, Margaret; Bhola, Neil; Kim, Kyumin; Zheng, Fan; Zeng, Yan; Bouhaddou, Mehdi; et al. A protein network map of head and neck cancer reveals PIK3CA mutant drug sensitivity. Science (2021).

Ochieng’Olwal, Charles; Fabius, Jacqueline M; Zuliani-Alvarez, Lorena; Eckhardt, Manon; Kyei, George Boateng; Quashie, Peter Kojo; Krogan, Nevan J; Bouhaddou, Mehdi; Bediako, Yaw. Network modeling suggests HIV infection phenocopies PI3K-AKT pathway mutations to enhance HPV-associated cervical cancer. Molecular Omics (2023).