Navid Bavi, PhD

Navid Bavi, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Physiology





Structural Biology, University of Chicago, IL, 2023


PhD, The University of New South Wales, Australia, 2017
MS, Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz, Iran, 2011
BS, Isfahan University of Technology, Iran, 2009

Contact Information

Scientific Interests

Part of Dr. Bavi's research interest lies in deciphering the molecular intricacies governing ion and substrate transport within the SLC family of proteins, particularly focusing on SLC34A2, and its implications in cancer biology. By investigating the structural underpinnings and functional mechanisms of SLC34A2, he aims to unravel its role in oncogenesis, exploring how alterations in its transport function contribute to cancer progression and metastasis. Understanding the molecular basis of SLC34A2-mediated transport could pave the way for novel therapeutic strategies targeting ion and substrate transport mechanisms implicated in cancer, potentially offering innovative avenues for intervention and treatment.

Highlighted Publications

Lin, Xiaoxuan, et al. "Folding of prestin’s anion-binding site and the mechanism of outer hair cell electromotility." Elife 12 (2023): RP89635.

Zhou, Zijing, et al. "MyoD-family inhibitor proteins act as auxiliary subunits of Piezo channels." Science 381.6659 (2023): 799-804.

Bavi, Navid, et al. "Molecular insights into the force-from-lipids gating of mechanosensitive channels." Current Opinion in Physiology (2023): 100706.

Bavi, Navid, et al. "The conformational cycle of prestin underlies outer-hair cell electromotility." Nature 600.7889 (2021): 553-558.