Ricky R. Savjani, MD, PhD

Ricky R. Savjani, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Radiation Oncology





University of Chicago, Evanston, IL, 2019


PhD, Texas A&M College of Medicine, Bryan, TX, 2018
MD, Texas A&M College of Medicine, Bryan, TX, 2018
BS, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, 2009


Radiation Oncology, University of California, Los Angeles, CA, 2023

Contact Information

Scientific Interests

Dr. Savjani's cancer research interests are rooted in building tools and technology to help guide and deliver optimal care. The techniques his lab employs include big data clinical informatics, medical imaging AI, and data visualization. An overarching goal is to use data from thousands of patients to make population inferences on the etiology and evolution of cancers. Clinically, Dr. Savjani treats cancers of the head & neck, brain, and spine - his research interests are deeply connected with helping the patients he sees clinically.

Highlighted Publications

Savjani RR, Ati S, Sadeghi S, Bonelli L, Kaprealian T, Hegde J. (2022). Radiotherapy for mantle cell lymphoma with orbital involvement. Radiology: Imaging Cancer. PMID: 35866891

Savjani RR, Lauria M, Bose S, Deng J, Yuan Y, AndrearczyK V. (2022). Automated tumor segmentation in radiotherapy. Seminars in Radiation Oncology. PMID: 36202435.

Ati S, Chhetri D, Wiedau M, Soltanzadeh P, Bordelon Y, Chin R, Savjani RR. (2022). Using intensity modulated radiation therapy for the treatment of sialorrhea in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Advances in Radiation Oncology. PMID: 36420480

Savjani RR, Salamon N, Deng J, Ma TM, Tenn S, Agazaryan N, Hegde J, Kaprealian T. (2021). A framework for sharing radiation dose distribution maps in the electronic medical record for improving multidisciplinary patient management. Radiology: Imaging Cancer. PMID: 33817649. 

Shidoh S*, Savjani RR*, Cho NS, Ullman HE, Hagiwara A, Raymond C, Lai A, Nghiemphu PL, Liau LM, Pope WB, Cloughesy TF, Kaprealian TB, Salamon N, Ellingson BM. (2022). Relapse patterns and radiation dose exposure in IDH wild-type glioblastoma at first radiographic recurrence following chemoradiation. Journal of Neuro-Oncology. PMID: 36053452