Stephanie Correa

Stephanie Correa, PhD

Associate Professor, Department of Integrative Biology and Physiology


English, Spanish

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Scientific Interests

Research in Dr. Stephanie Correa's group aims to understand how estrogen signaling in the hypothalamus affects physiology. Using mouse models of estrogen receptor deficiency and transcriptional profiling at single cell resolution, the Correa Lab is testing the hypothesis that specific neuronal populations within the hypothalamus mediate some of the adverse side effects of adjuvant endocrine therapies for breast cancer.

Highlighted Publications

Zhang, Z., Park, J. W., Ahn, I. S., Diamante, G., Sivakumar, N., Arneson, D. V., Yang, X., van Veen, J. E. and Correa, S. M. (2021) Estrogen receptor alpha in the brain mediates tamoxifen-induced changes in physiology in mice. eLife, 10:e63333. #corresponding authors

Massa, M.G., Scott, R.L., Cara, A.L., Cortes, L.R., Vander, P.B., Sandoval, N.P., Park, J.W., Ali, S., Velez, L.M., Wang, H.B., Ati, S.S., Tesfaye, B., Reue, K., van Veen, J.E., Seldin, M.M., and Correa, S.M. Feeding Neurons Integrate Metabolic and Reproductive States in Mice. (2023) iScience doi:

Zhang, Z., Reis, F. M. C. V., He, Y., Park, J. W., DiVittorio, J. R., Sivakumar, N., van Veen, J. E., Pereira, S., Shum, M., Nichols, I., Anderson, S., Massa, M. G., Paul, K. N., Liesa, M., Ajijola, O. A., Xu, Y, Adhikari, A., and Correa, S. M. (2020) Estrogen-Sensitive Medial Preoptic Area Neurons Coordinate Torpor in Mice. Nature Communications, 11: 6278

van Veen, J. E.*, Kammel, L. G.*, Bunda, P. C., Shum, M., Reid, M. S., Massa, M. G., Arneson, D., Park, J. W., Zhang, Z., Joseph, A. M., Hrncir, H., Liesa, M., Arnold, A. P., Yang, X. and Correa, S. M. (2020). Hypothalamic oestrogen receptor alpha establishes a sexually dimorphic regulatory node of energy expenditure. Nature Metabolism, 2: 351–363