Stuart J. Conway, PhD

Stuart Conway, PhD

Professor, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry





Organic Chemistry and Chemical Biology, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK, 2003


PhD, University of Bristol, Bristol, UK, 2001
BSc, University of Warwick, Warwick, UK, 1997

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Scientific Interests

The Conway Group has an interest in the development of small molecules that modulate cancer-relevant epigenetic targets. They also have a strong interest in the development of hypoxia target pro-drugs and probes that enable imaging of the tumor microenvironment. 

Highlighted Publications

L. D. Wallabregue, H. Bolland, S. Faulkner, E. M. Hammond, S. J. Conway. Two color imaging of different hypoxia levels in cancer cells. J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2023, 145, 2572.

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Skwarska, E. D. D. Calder, I. N. Mistry, D. Sneddon, S. J. Conway, E. M. Hammond. Development and pre-clinical testing of a novel hypoxia-activated pan KDAC inhibitor. Cell Chemical Biology, 2021, 28, 1258.

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