Wendie Robbins

Wendie Robbins, PhD

Professor, School of Nursing



Contact Information

Scientific Interests

Dr. Wendie Robbins' research interests include genetic biomarkers used in epidemiologic studies of reproductive/offspring health (development, application and evaluation of biomarkers), reproductive and environmental epidemiology, genetic toxicology (specifically germ cell mutagenesis), gene environment interactions, environmental/occupational exposures related to semen quality, and surveillance for occupational disease and injury.

Currently, Robbins and her colleagues are studying the effects of workplace exposure to boron on male reproductive health and environmental as well as the effects of workplace exposures to common herbicides on human male and female reproductive health.

Highlighted Publications

Chang BL, Robbins WA, Wei F, Xun L, Wu G, Li N, Elashoff DA. Boron workers in China: exploring work and lifestyle factors related to boron exposure. AAOHN J. 2006; 54(10): 435-43.