Developmental Research Program

The UCLA SPORE in Prostate Cancer Developmental Research Program

The Development Research Program is another method of expanding discovery within the SPORE. Each year, three to four highly innovative proposals will be funded with the possibility of an additional year funding extension. Funding will be primarily for new and innovative ideas, but also to initiate short term collaborations, especially with investigators within the SPORE and in other SPORES. Sufficient expertise within the Institution or from interaction with other SPOREs must be demonstrated to show potential for development of a new major theme or research within the SPORE. The proposed projects need not be directly translational, but should have the potential to ultimately lead to translational research.

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The UCLA SPORE in Prostate Cancer would like to congratulate all Developmental Research Program awardees. These projects come from various departments across campus, and exemplify translational research.

Developmental Research Program Awardees 2020-2021:

Paul Boutros, PhD, MBA
Project: Expanding the Prostate Cancer Proteome: Identity & Function of Non-Canonical ORFs

John Wilson Phillips, MD, PhD
Project: Targeting Alternative Pre-mRNA Splicing in Small Cell Prostate Cancers 

Dino Di Carlo, PhD
Project: AR-V7 Protein Liquid Biopsy in Metastatic Castration Resistant Prostate Cancer

Huihui Ye, MD
Project: Identification of the Key Immune Inhibitory Molecules in "Hot" Prostate Cancer of African American Men, a Spatial Transcriptomic Approach

Neil Lin, PhD
Project: A High-Throughput 3D Spheroid Platform for Prostate Cancer Therapy Screening

Minna Lee, MD
Project: Defining Similarities and Differences of Advanced, Highly Aggressive Prostate and Breast Cancer

William Hsu, PhD
Project: Computational Framework for Discovering and Validating Imaging Endotypes to Predict Clinically Significant Prostate Cancer Aggressiveness

Robert Reiter, MD, MBA
Project: High Throughput of Screening of Small Molecule Inhibitors for Neuroendocrine Prostate

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