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Torrance & Benign Breast Clinics Joins the UCLA Breast Cancer Community

Torrance Breast Care

UCLA Breast Health is proud to announce that Dr. Anna Houterman will be seeing patients with benign and malignant breast disease in the Torrance Oncology Clinic beginning in January 2021. She will be joining her medical oncology colleagues, Drs. Amy Cummings, Olga Olevsky, Parvin Peddi and Deborah Wong to provide comprehensive breast cancer care to patients in the South Bay.

Santa Monica Benign Breast Clinic

UCLA Breast Health is excited to announce the opening of the Benign Breast Clinic in Santa Monica. Many patients will experience breast pain or other symptoms indicative of benign disease that warrant a thorough assessment and evaluation but do not require surgery. Patients in the Benign Breast Clinic will be seen by our specialized nurse practitioner, Audrey Cano, for a history and examination, and pertinent breast imaging will be ordered as indicated. Our

fellowship-trained breast imagers at UCLA will review and interpret all breast imaging performed at UCLA and will recommend and perform breast biopsies as needed. If at any time a patient requires evaluation by one of our breast surgeons, she will be immediately scheduled for the next available appointment. Referrals for genetic consultation and testing can also be originated from the Benign Breast Clinic.

In addition, patients who are not at high risk for breast cancer but wish to be seen in the Breast Clinic for routine follow-up care may be seen in the Benign Breast Clinic under Audrey’s care. This includes patients who have been treated previously for breast cancer and are now free of disease.