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At UCLA Health, you’ll have a dedicated lung cancer team by your side every step of the way. Call 310-267-9099 to connect with an expert.

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UCLA Health provides personalized medicine and advanced treatment for every type and stage of lung cancer. We also understand how important it can be to stay close to home while receiving your treatment.

To keep your care convenient, we offer cancer care at more than 20 locations in Southern California. If you live far away, we’ll meet with you via telehealth, prescribe treatment you can receive locally and do pre-surgery workups virtually. We provide the best care possible, no matter where you live.

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UCLA Health makes it easy to set an appointment. To schedule an appointment, call 310-267-9099 or fill out our appointment request form.

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We realize you may have questions before your first meeting with us. We’ve put together helpful information including:

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To schedule an appointment or lung cancer treatment consultation, call 310-267-9099 or fill out our appointment request form.