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Comments and Testimonials

Patient Experiences - Department of Radiation Oncology at UCLA

We have included comments from some satisfied patients below:

"Attn: Dr. Jeffrey Demanes:
I would like to start by thanking you, Dr. Demanes for an outstanding job insuring that my surgery went well. Your staff is superior, very trustworthy, and exceptional in nature. Many thanks to Lalaine, Tricia, and others on the UCLA staff that ensured everything went well during and prior to my surgery.

I will start with the admitting section they were all very cordial taking care of me as soon as I checked in. The nurses in the surgery center were phenomenal they relaxed me because I was kind of nervous when I first got there. My two sessions went without a hitch. I was so thankful having great attending nurses especially Paula who was always tending to my needs as well as other patients during the day shift. She even gave me a call bell. Of course there were other nurses like for example Lee who on the second session set my IV and I was ready to rock and roll. The night nurse Cynthia was over the top she was very thoughtful and was a great person who made me feel at ease and comfortable. There were other nurses like Roxanna, Katrina, and of course others who were in and out of my cubicle area. I would also like to thank the Radiation technicians for the outstanding oversight during my radiation therapy.

Tom and Alfred were great always letting me and my family know what was going on. This is my first experience with the UCLA group. They are by far the most professional individuals we have ever dealt with. You are all doing "Gods work". Thanks again for all your support during one of my toughest times in my life just another "Bump in the Road"."

Sincerely Yours.

"Dear Sir:
I am tardy returning the Patient Satisfaction Questionnaire because I did not think it adequately indicated the excellent care I received at the Ronald Regan Medical Center Department of Radiation Oncology. I became aware of Dr. D. Jeffrey Demanes's and HDR Monotherapy at UCLA while researching the treatment choices for my prostate cancer. I actually Googled side affects of prostate cancer treatment. I found the information on Dr. Demanes's web site to be by far the most detailed as far as procedure, cure rate, and possible complications of any article or web site I read. I especially appreciated the detail numbers as far as incontinence, rectal problems, impotency, PSA, and tumor control. Most articles and web sites regarding prostate cancer mentioned these as possible complications but never had any hard numbers like those in Dr. Demanes's articles.

I consulted with both my PCP and urologist in regard to HDR Monotherapy. I expressed to them that I did not want to be committed to a life of incontinence, impotency and rectal problems after prostate cancer treatment. I was told no one in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area was doing HDR Monotherapy. In fact, they did not know what it was. I was advised to see a urologist in Pittsburgh who “made a life time living” doing nerve sparing prostate surgery. We discussed procedure and complications. He could only give me anecdotes, no specifics. I spoke by telephone with Dr. Demanes for my pre operative consultation. He was very easy to talk with. He had all my medical history which had been sent. He was familiar with my case. He explained my level of prostate cancer risk. Dr. Demanes explained why I could be a candidate for HDR Monotherapy. He went over the procedure and what to expect in detail. He did this in terms I could easily understand. After the telephone consultation I immediately knew I had made the right decision.

My entire experience going to UCLA for HDR Monotherapy was exceptional. Lalaine Borja, PA-C and Patricia Mendoza were especially helpful in collecting my medical history, getting the necessary forms filled out, and scheduling the Radiation Implants. They both kept me informed on a timely basis as to what medical history information they had and what they still needed. They were prompt in getting housing as well as transportation information to me. That information relieved a lot of anxiety. It was very helpful. They were always patient, knowledgeable, and professional. The transportation from LAX to the Tiverton as well as the shuttle from the Tiverton to the UCLA Medical Plaza eliminated all of our transportation issues. Every driver was courteous. This was anything but a small part of making our trip pleasant. The Tiverton could not have been a more convenient location. It was especially comforting to know my wife was in a safe, clean environment with easy commute to the Medical Plaza. The rooms were clean. The continental breakfast was a perfect way to start the day with a good variety of food including fresh pastries. Dr. Demanes and his team are exceptional. My pre-operative face to face consultation with Dr. Demanes confirmed my telephone impression. Very, very impressive on all levels including knowledge, ease of communicating my stage of prostate cancer and all aspects of treatment. I was treated with utmost respect and professionalism. I am truly blown away with the intelligence to conceive HDR Monotherapy and its evolution to the current state. Lalaine Borja, PA-C was outstanding in reviewing the Radiation Implant procedure. She has excellent knowledge of the procedure. I was well prepared by her about what to expect before, during, and after the treatment. She provided excellent written as well as verbal education material in preparation for the treatment. She checked on me often during the treatment. I sensed her genuine concern for my comfort and well being. She was very gentle and skilled in removing the flex guides and template after the first treatment.

Tom and Alfred are indispensable parts of this team. These two radiation technologists have unbelievable skill and knowledge in imaging, placement of the flex guides, and connecting to the cables for the after loader. They were both gentle. They were very conscientious about the flex guides being precisely placed. The checked, rechecked, then checked again. They were at all times professional. They were always concerned about my comfort and pain. They were always concerned about my dignity and privacy even in some unavoidable somewhat indignant situations. They came into the treatment area and took charge. I knew I was in good hands. I have never had more attentive nurses than the ones I had at the Radiation Oncology Department. Paula and Roxie checked on me often. They inquired often about any needs and comfort. They were sure to help me turn on a regular basis. Paula was always concerned about my level of pain. They too were always professional and aware of my privacy. The same should be said about Maggie on the 6 th floor where I stayed over night. She definitely had everything under control. I could sense her presence through out the night checking on me. I was glad to see her the second week when she came in for her night shift around 7 PM. I knew I would get good care again. I had a very favorable experience at UCLA Department of Radiation Oncology. I will definitely recommend it. I would think the UCLA Department of Radiation Oncology realizes how fortunate it is to have such a great team in the department."

"To Whom it May Concern:
Since December of 2006 I've had the misfortune of needing radiation therapy 3 times, but I have been lucky enough to have treatments at UCLA. Each time I've gone for treatment at UCLA I was treated with the utmost respect, and decency. All of the doctors, nurses and technicians were kind and personable as well as professional and this allowed me to decrease any stress that I felt to a very large degree. Appointments were scheduled and promptly met so that I never had to feel that I would be delayed. I hope that if you need to receive treatments at UCLA you will find the experience as good as mine. It's not something that anyone of us wants to go through but if we must then we should be glad that we have the facility to turn to."

—Ken M

"Dear Dr. Percy Lee,
I want to thank you and your team for my mother's radiation treatments. Your whole group was so kind and considerate. Just to let you know, yesterday after her treatment, she was really hungry. She wanted to go to a restaurant for the first time since September. We took her to Jerry's Deli where she ate more than she has in two and a half months. She said that she was so happy because she finally finished something. As we have told you, her pain relief has been remarkable. I thank you greatly for that. No matter where this road takes us, she will have less pain and that is comforting to all involved."

"Before beginning treatment I was anxious and concerned about the procedure. Everyone who worked with me was very kind, pleasant and eager to answer questions and explain procedures. I truly appreciated each person. I was impressed at how organized and efficient yet individualized each patient's concerns and needs were met."

"Bravo! I could not be any more impressed or pleased with the level of care, concern, courtesy, professionalism, kindness, conscientiousness, etc. that I received."

"Thank you so much! During my treatment, your group handled everything so professionally and are caring. Your team has developed a warm and personal relationship with me. I "joke around" a lot as you noticed, Thanks for letting me have fun too...that is all there is to life. I really believe it and that is the way it should be. We have some other treatments scheduled and the UCLA Doctors are great."

"I would like to express my appreciation and satisfaction with the service received at UCLA Radiation Oncology. Every day, it was a great pleasure to be treated by such a professional team of workers. They helped me go through the entire sessions smoothly.
Thank you very much."

"I strongly feel that professionalism and dedication are very evident, especially with the Radiation Therapists who were very meticulous and careful. They made me feel at ease with the therapy and helped me get through the tedious process.
The Doctors were also very thorough and accessible."

"The care I received at UCLA Radiation Oncology was very professional from the beginning to the end of my treatment. Very warm, supportive atmosphere throughout my treatment. UCLA is a highly regarded hospital with the greatest respect I have for everyone that I come in contact with."