UCLA Jonsson Cancer Center Foundation Tribute Card

Donations to the UCLA Jonsson Cancer Center Foundation are the perfect way to show your appreciation for friends, family and customers. They also demonstrate your commitment to an important cause.

Tribute cards are:

  • Affordable Decide on the amount of your donation-starting at $10 per card. For example, you can send 50 personalized cards for your gift of $500 or more.
  • Customized Include your message with your order and we'll print it on an attractive card. We don't keep your address list or solicit your contacts.
  • Easy to Send Provide us with an Excel file of your mailing list along with your donation. We print and mail the cards directly to those on your list. (No donation amounts are included.)
  • 100 Percent Tax Deductible Enjoy the tax deduction from your contribution to a recognized nonprofit organization where more than 90 percent of total donations are spent directly on cancer research and cancer-related programs.
  • Meaningful Unlike traditional gifts, a tribute card has a profound impact. It not only shows that you care about your recipients but that you are actively participating in the fight against cancer.

You may submit your order for an individual tribute card or send an eCard online.

To send multiple tribute cards, please call 310-206-0675 or email [email protected].