Tara TeSlaa

Tara TeSlaa, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Molecular and Medical Pharmacology





Quantitative Metabolism, Princeton University, NJ, 2022


PhD, University of California Los Angeles, 2017
MS, University of California Los Angeles, 2008
BS, St. Peter's University, Jersey City, NJ, 2007

Contact Information

Scientific Interests

Dr. TeSlaa's lab uses isotope tracing and cutting edge mass spectrometry techniques to measure metabolic fluxes and how they are altered in diseases like type 2 diabetes, fatty liver disease, and cancer. She is interested in how diet and chronic metabolic diseases can impact various cells within the tumor microenvironment- from tumor growth to inflammation and fibrosis.

Highlighted Publications

Bartman, C. R.; Weilandt, D. R.; Shen, Y.; Lee, W. D.; Han, Y.; TeSlaa, T.; Jankowski, C. S.; Samarah, L.; Park, N. R.; da Silva-Diz, V. Slow TCA Flux and ATP Production in Primary Solid Tumours but Not Metastases. Nature 2023, 1–9.

Yang, L.; TeSlaa, T.; Ng, S.; Nofal, M.; Wang, L.; Lan, T.; Zeng, X.; Cowan, A.; McBride, M.; Lu, W. Ketogenic Diet and Chemotherapy Combine to Disrupt Pancreatic Cancer Metabolism and Growth. Med 2022, 3 (2), 119–136.

Zhang, Z.*; TeSlaa, T.*; Xu, X.; Zeng, X.; Yang, L.; Xing, G.; Tesz, G. J.; Clasquin, M. F.; Rabinowitz, J. D. Serine Catabolism Generates Liver NADPH and Supports Hepatic Lipogenesis. Nature metabolism 2021, 3 (12), 1608–1620.

Wang, L.; Xing, X.; Zeng, X.; Jackson, S. R.; TeSlaa, T.; Al-Dalahmah, O.; Samarah, L. Z.; Goodwin, K.; Yang, L.; McReynolds, M. R. Spatially Resolved Isotope Tracing Reveals Tissue Metabolic Activity. Nature methods 2022, 19 (2), 223–230.

TeSlaa, T.; Bartman, C. R.; Jankowski, C. S.; Zhang, Z.; Xu, X.; Xing, X.; Wang, L.; Lu, W.; Hui, S.; Rabinowitz, J. D. The Source of Glycolytic Intermediates in Mammalian Tissues. Cell metabolism 2021, 33 (2), 367–378.