Research Administration Unit

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The UCLA Health Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center Research Administration Unit provides membership and pre-award services to investigators who conduct cancer research. The team manages membership by processing new membership applications as well as ongoing updates to individual Cancer Center membership profiles online, and also provides planning and execution support for cancer-related large, multi-component team science grant applications.


Membership Management

  • Processing new applications and requests
  • Updating membership profiles on the Cancer Center Membership Directory website

Pre-Award Services for Cancer-Related Proposals

  • Support for large, multi-component team science applications such as NCI SPOREs, P50s, P20s, and U54s
  • Support for NCI Cancer Center Support Grant (CCSG) administrative supplements
  • Limited support for smaller grants (R01s, R21s, etc.) when capacity allows

Pre-award support includes:

  • Scheduling and organizing team participant meetings
  • Creating custom proposal checklists and submission timelines
  • Providing Cancer Center data points and/or Cancer Center letters of support
  • Reviewing documents for compliance and formatting
  • Assisting with budget development and review
  • Assembling applications and submitting them to OCGA

Recent grant applications we have supported include:

  • Program grants (P01, P20, P50 subaward)
  • Training grants (T32, R25)
  • Career Development (K22, foundation grants)


Membership resources

Member Application, Guidelines, and Objectives
Information on how to become a Cancer Center member, including a downloadable member application, guidelines, and objectives.

Member Directory
This Directory is updated monthly.

Research Programs
Learn more about the Cancer Center's six Research Programs.

Member Resources
Provides information on member resources, support, other useful forms. We also provide extensive help pages on media relations, academic programs for members, and other member services.

Grant Resources

NIH Active Funding Opportunities
The NIH Guide for Grants and Contracts is NIH's official publication of notices of grant policies, guidelines and funding opportunity announcements (FOAs). NIH publishes daily and issues a table of contents weekly.

NIH Career Path Information
This website provides NIH Career Path Information to help prepare the skilled, creative and diverse biomedical research workforce of tomorrow. It includes information on undergraduate and postbaccalaureate education, predoctoral training/clinical doctorate, postdoctoral training/clinical residency, early research career development, and investigator development and mentoring.

NIH Application Guide
Use the application instructions found on this website along with the guidance in the funding opportunity announcement to submit grant applications to the NIH.

NIH Budget Development
General tips and reminders for preparing a NIH research grant application, mainly geared towards the SF424 (R&R) application. (Note: these tips do not supersede the budget instructions found in the relevant application instruction guide.)

NCI Bottom Line: A Blog about Grants and More
This grantee-focused blog covers the latest on NCI's fiscal landscape, funding decisions, grants policy news, processes, and more.

NCI Annual Plan and Budget Proposal For Fiscal Year 
Complete information on the Fiscal Year 2023 NCI Annual Plan and Budget Proposal.

NCI Collaboration and Team Science Guide [download PDF]
A Field Guide about collaboration and team science which serves as a valuable resource for scientists participating in or leading a research team.

NCI-supported Resources for Researchers
Resources for Researchers is a directory of NCI-supported tools and services for cancer researchers. Most resources are free of cost and available to anyone.

UCLA OCGA Minimum Proposal Requirements for Review [download PDF]
A table that outlines the minimum requirements needed for OCGA to conduct a preliminary review of relevant/critical grant application documents while PIs finalize their Research Plan, secure necessary signatures and complete other internal forms. The minimum required documents are required by OCGA at least 5 business days in advance of the sponsor deadline, and the Cancer Center may require a few additional days to review documents internally before submission to OCGA.

Career Development K08 Resources (updated September 2022)

K08 Budget Resources

  • K08 Budget Justification Template (Word)
  • K08 Budget Template (Excel)

PA‐20‐201 Mentored Clinical Scientist Research Career Development Award (Parent K08 Independent Basic Experimental Studies with Humans Required) 

  • K08 Timeline and Checklist for PA‐20‐201 (Word / Excel)

PA‐20‐202 Mentored Clinical Scientist Research Career Development Award (Parent K08 Independent Clinical Trial Required)

  • K08 Timeline and Checklist for PA‐20‐202 (Word / Excel)

PA‐20‐203 Mentored Clinical Scientist Research Career Development Award (Parent K08 Independent Clinical Trial Not Allowed)

  • K08 Timeline and Checklist for PA‐20‐203 (Word / Excel)

Our Team

For Membership inquiries, contact: Amanda Tan via email or Sarah Anwar via email.

For Pre-Award Support inquiries, you can contact: Amanda Tan via email, William Osorio via email, Sarah Anwar via email or Genevieve Ortega-Alves via email.