Survivorship Program

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Our gynecologic cancer experts provide you with the best care available. For more information, connect with a cancer care specialist at 310-794-7274.

UCLA Gynecologic Oncology Survivorship Program

UCLA’s Division of Gynecologic Oncology is proud to offer a comprehensive and growing survivorship program for our patients. 

Survivorship Visits

Upon completion of treatment, patients are encouraged to schedule a survivorship visit with one of our physician assistants. These visits are dedicated to reviewing a patient’s diagnosis and cancer history as well as addressing any physical and emotional side effects from treatment. Survivorship visits also provide an opportunity for patients to review their surveillance plan, signs and symptoms of cancer recurrence and recommendations for routine healthcare maintenance. At these appointments, patients are encouraged to reflect on their cancer journey as well as move forward with the resources to return to wellness. 

Yoga and Meditation Program

We are also excited to announce the launch of our yoga and meditation program for gynecologic cancer survivors. We are offering a free, weekly yoga and meditation class to our patients starting in January 2022. The class will be taught by one of our physician assistants, Rachel Frankenthal, who is also a certified yoga instructor. This class is designed specifically for gynecologic cancer survivors with the goals of improving treatment side effects, teaching mindfulness and meditation techniques as well as building community amongst women.

OBGYN Survivorship Yoga

A place to help gynecologic cancer survivors heal after treatment

Rachel Frankenthal
"I always felt that we had a responsibility to provide our patients with the resources and support to return to wellness," says Rachel Frankenthal. (Photo by Joshua Sudock/UCLA Health)

A new UCLA Health program includes yoga, meditation and a peer support group.

Sometimes successfully treating a patient’s gynecologic cancer is just half of the battle.

A new Gynecologic Cancer Survivorship Program at UCLA Health is aimed at helping women continue that journey by healing physically, mentally and emotionally, as they move on to their best possible lives as cancer survivors.

Yoga and Meditation Class:
Date: Thursdays starting January 6, 2022 
Time: Noon (for 45 minutes)
Place: Virtual via Zoom
Note: All levels are encouraged to join and no previous experience is required.
More Information: View our flyer >
Registration: email [email protected]

Promoting Healing and Wellbeing

We understand that being diagnosed with cancer can be incredibly challenging and overwhelming. We strive to provide our patients with the resources and tools needed to promote healing and wellbeing long after their diagnosis and treatment. We look forward to continuing to build our survivorship program to bring more support to patients and their families.

Survivorship Pamphlets

We also have available our survivorship pamphlets as a resource for you and your family:

Other Cancer Support Resources at UCLA

The UCLA Simms Mann Center for Integrative Oncology is our cancer support center.  Our Simms Mann Center provides free mental health resources for cancer survivors.  If you are having trouble finding help, please let your cancer team know so we can assist you in finding you the care you need.  For more information about the UCLA Simms Mann Center for Integrative Oncology, visit the website

For more information about the UCLA Gynecologic Oncology Survivorship Program, please email: [email protected]