Message from the Directors

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Message from the Directors

Each year, millions of people undergo genetic testing to learn more about their risk of inherited diseases. At UCLA Health’s Cancer Genetics Program, we are dedicated to guiding patients and their families through this sometimes-complex world of genetic testing.  We put you at the center so that your care is all about what matters most to you. We hope to empower you to take the reins and make informed decisions about managing a cancer diagnosis or elevated cancer risk.

We are committed to providing comprehensive personalized assessments to each individual seeking to learn more about how hereditary factors may influence cancer risk for themselves and their families. If you’ve already been diagnosed with cancer, understanding if there is a hereditary basis for the diagnosis may help you and your team of doctors make treatment decisions specific to you, including the use targeted therapies that may improve your survival.  Our genetic counselors partner with your healthcare team to help assure that you have a plan for screening, prevention and treatment that is most appropriate for your situation.

We are  part of a dedicated clinical team of genetic counselors and physicians who are committed to  providing the most up-to-date information to you through personalized consultations.  We are equally committed to participating in research and education that contribute to the advancement of genetics and genomics applications in healthcare. UCLA Health is a truly transformative place where we can harness deep reservoirs of knowledge to bring you the most up-to-date options for your health.

We understand that thinking about the possibility of inherited cancer risk for your loved ones may be difficult for any number of reasons.  We are here to listen, assess, educate and provide support.

Warmest regards,

Mariana Niell-Swiller, MS, LCGC
Director, Cancer Genetic Counseling

Beth Y. Karlan, MD
Director, Cancer Population Genetics

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