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Our integrated care team provides comprehensive treatment plans to give you the best chance for a cure. Call 888-662-8252 to learn more about our gastrointestinal oncology services.

About Us

If you’ve been diagnosed with gastrointestinal (GI) cancer, you probably have many questions and fears. You can count on UCLA for the expertise you need to manage any GI condition, including all types of cancer. We provide the medical and surgical expertise to effectively diagnose your condition, along with accessible treatment options to take care of you in the time and place you need.

U.S. News & World Report ranks UCLA’s Gastroenterology and GI surgery program among the top such programs in the nation, and rates our colon cancer surgery program as high-performing. Above all, these rankings mean you can count on UCLA’s GI team to offer you today’s best care, along with the newest innovations for tomorrow.

UCLA Gastrointestinal Cancer Program: Global Leaders, Near at Hand

A cancer diagnosis is frightening, but at UCLA, you’ll be in the best hands. Your personalized diagnosis and treatment will benefit from:

  • Skilled GI team: Treatment for GI tumors requires the skills of multiple specialists. Our collaborative team brings together experts in all the major specialties related to cancer care to review and discuss your case. Your team may include:
    • Advanced endoscopists, doctors who use special scopes to look inside the throat and stomach and perform procedures like endoscopic ultrasound
    • Specialized surgeons, including thoracic or gastrointestinal surgeons, depending on tumor location
    • Dedicated radiation oncologists who only see people with GI cancers
    • Medical oncologists (cancer specialists) and gastroenterologists (doctors specializing in conditions of the GI tract) to manage your care
  • Innovation and discovery: Our clinical research program is the West Coast’s largest for GI cancers. Our program is one of the world’s most successful leaders in cancer drug development. We direct multiple clinical trials, including phase 3 clinical trials, to introduce the next generation of cancer therapy.
  • Coordinated treatment: Our specialized care coordinator works to schedule appointments all on one day whenever possible. In many cases, we aim to complete your tests within a week of your referral so you can begin treatment right away.
  • Genetic expertise: Some people have a family risk for gastrointestinal tumors. Hereditary conditions such as Lynch syndrome (hereditary nonpolyposis colorectal cancer, or HNPCC) or familial adenomatous polyposis (FAP) can increase your risk. Our geneticists can pinpoint your risk and recommend options accordingly for you and your family.
  • Community care across LA: UCLA oncologists work at 18 community sites across Los Angeles and beyond. You can receive your diagnosis and care plan at our main campus, and then receive ongoing treatment at a location near you. This convenience offers the best of both worlds, with local care and UCLA’s expert supervision.

Contact Us

To schedule an appointment with the UCLA Gastrointestinal Oncology Program, please call the UCLA Cancer Hotline at 888-ONC-UCLA (888-662-8252) Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm, or our Physician Referral Service at 1-800-UCLA-MD1 (310-825-2631).