Get a Second Opinion on Your Kidney Cancer Diagnosis

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Get a Second Opinion for Kidney Cancer and Renal Tumors

The UCLA Urology Telemedicine Expert Second Opinion Program offers California residents access to our faculty, who are national leaders in all aspects of Urology. At UCLA Urology we have doctors who specialize in the diagnosis, management and treatment of kidney cancer.

If you have received a diagnosis of a renal mass or have confirmed kidney cancer, getting an expert second opinion can be helpful because: 

  • Kidney cancer is a complex disease and there are a variety of diagnostic approaches and treatment options. Here at UCLA, the course of treatment is individualized to each patient’s cancer grade and stage as well as current state of health. 
  • Not every patient with a renal mass will actually be diagnosed with kidney cancer.
  • Not ever kidney cancer is aggressive; most small tumors may pose little danger and can be safely observed for a period of time.
  • The management of kidney cancer often requires a multidisciplinary approach. At the UCLA Institute of Urologic Oncology we have an integrated team from disciplines including urologic oncology, medical oncology, diagnostic and interventional radiology, nuclear medicine, pathology, nursing, basic sciences and clinical trials working together to advanced and personalize patient care.
  • UCLA Urology and Institute of Urologic Oncology programs are recognized as centers of excellence for the care of individuals with hereditary kidney cancer syndromes by patient advocacy groups.
  • UCLA Urology has a telehealth cancer genetics program that provides rapid access to high-quality genetic counseling and testing to help identify people who have inherited genes for kidney cancer and other genitourinary cancers.
  • Our physicians offer state-of-the-art surgical techniques, including the most advanced single port robotic surgery system. For most small and intermediate size tumors, we perform minimally invasive partial nephrectomy with the Da Vinci Robot. For large tumors, generally minimally invasive surgery is offered for lymph node dissection or tumor thrombi. When indicated, open surgery is offered using novel tools to reduce bleeding including new hemostatic agents and surgical coagulators such as the Aquamantys bipolar.
  • As we aim to reduce recurrence after surgery, UCLA Urology has several clinical trials available with immunotherapy.
  • Sestamibi renal imaging is available to identify benign tumors and spare patient’s unnecessary surgery.
  • Not every patient with kidney cancer requires surgery. At UCLA we offer non-surgical treatments including thermal ablation for small renal tumors, percutaneous cryotherapy and radiofrequency ablation. UCLA also is a specialized center in radiation for small renal tumors with stereotactic radiation options as well a clinical trial focus on brachytherapy (seed implantation)
  • You want access to urologic specialists at an academic medical center without having to travel.

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Note: This service is NOT intended for medical emergencies. If you have a medical emergency, please immediately call your local emergency service phone number, or go to your nearest hospital, emergency room, or urgent care clinic.