Smoking Cessation Support

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At UCLA Health, you’ll have a dedicated lung cancer team by your side every step of the way. Call 310-267-9099 to connect with an expert.

Not all lung cancer is cause by smoking. However, smoking is the leading modifiable risk factor for developing lung cancer. In fact, the rate of developing lung cancer decreases by 39% within 5 years of quitting (Framingham study).

Should you be interested in smoking cessation, our team is ready and willing to help you. Counseling, nicotine replacement therapy and certain medications are a few of the many options that may help you quit. Treatment options can be explored with a tobacco cessation specialist.

Brett Schussel, Nurse Practitioner and Co-Director of the UCLA Lung Screening Program leads our smoking cessation program. Mr. Schussel has undergone additional training in smoking cessation and has passed the National Certificate in Tobacco Treatment Practice exam. Our Lung Screening Staff, Tracey Sanders and Shauna Marincik, have also received smoking cessation training and assist Mr. Schussel.

Tracey Sanders
Shauna Marincik