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Get a Second Opinion for Prostate Cancer

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The UCLA Urology Telemedicine Expert Second Opinion Program offers California residents access to our faculty, who are national leaders in all aspects of urology. At UCLA we have doctors who specialize in the diagnosis, management and treatment of prostate cancer.

UCLA has been a national and world leader in advances such as MRI for diagnosis and management of prostate cancer, MRI targeted biopsy, image-guided robotic surgery, clinical trials for high-risk and advanced disease, PSMA PET molecular imaging, and more. We are also one of the few centers recognized by the National Cancer Institute as a “Specialized Program in Research Excellence.”

If you have received a diagnosis of prostate cancer, getting an expert second opinion can be helpful because:

  • Prostate cancer is a complex disease and there are a variety of treatment options. Patients are often given conflicting recommendations about management. Here at UCLA, the course of treatment is individualized to each patient’s cancer grade and stage as well as current state of health.
  • In many men prostate cancer is slow-growing, so it is best to review your surgical and non-surgical treatment options (such as our renowned Active Surveillance Program).
  • If surgery is recommended, UCLA Urology has been a leader in robotic surgery since 2004, with high-volume surgeons who have led the technical advances in the field. UCLA also offers outpatient prostatectomy and is using an innovative single-port (SP) (one small incision) robotic system for the most advanced minimally invasive robotic prostatectomy. Some patients might also benefit from focal therapies such as HIFU and cryotherapy rather than surgery.
  • Prostate cancer can be difficult to detect when using traditional ultrasound imaging. At UCLA we use targeted prostate biopsy using advanced MRI imaging techniques for the most accurate diagnosis of prostate cancer and treatment planning. We are also leaders in the use of PSMA PET imaging to detect cancer location in men with high risk and recurrent disease.
  • Advanced prostate cancer can be difficult to treat, but at UCLA we have led the development of effective ways to help slow its spread, prolong life, and control its symptoms including, hormone therapy, chemotherapy, immunotherapy (Provenge) and a broad spectrum of clinical trials that allow our patients to receive tomorrow’s approved drugs today. Xtandi and Erleada, the newest drugs for advanced prostate cancer, were discovered at UCLA.
  • Prostate cancer management requires a multidisciplinary approach. At the UCLA Institute of Urologic Oncology we have an integrated team from disciplines including urologic oncology, medical oncology, diagnostic and interventional radiology, pathology, nursing, basic sciences and clinical trials working together to personalize patient care.
  • You gain access to urologic specialists at an academic medical center without having to travel.

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Note: This service is NOT intended for medical emergencies. If you have a medical emergency, please immediately call your local emergency service phone number, or go to your nearest hospital, emergency room, or urgent care clinic.