Abigail Nathanson and Ruby Garland

Friends Fighting Cancer Spotlight

What is Cakes for Cancer?

Cakes for Cancer founders Abigail Nathanon Ruby Garland

Cakes for Cancer is a club that was started at Marymount High School by two juniors, Abigail Nathanson and Ruby Garland. The club is made up of 116 young women who dedicate their time raising money to help find a cure for lung cancer as well as spreading awareness in and around their community about this terrible disease.

In September, 2015 Abigail’s Aunt Jodi lost her two-year fight against lung cancer. Jodi shared her heart with each and every person she met, and she leaves behind a legacy that will carry on forever: her love. Cakes for Cancer is a way for Abigail to honor her Aunt’s life by educating and encouraging people to help find a cure so that others hopefully will never have to go through what Aunt Jodi did.

Cakes for Cancer is honored to have partnered with the UCLA Jonsson Cancer Center Foundation and hopes to turn this small high school club into something truly amazing. The club’s main goal is to help raise money to find a cure for lung cancer by organizing on and off campus bakes sales, raffles, participating in runs and walks, educating others on the disease, and of course eating lots and lots of cake. Because who doesn’t love cake!? 

In September of 2016 Abigail's younger sister Amelia and her two best friends, Cydney and Dylan, started a second chapter of Cakes for Cancer at the Archer School for Girls. It is their goal that every high school in America will have a branch of Cakes for Cancer -- that kids all across the country will start "baking a difference" to help find a cure.

The Cake for Cancer Girls hope that they will be able to make a difference in helping to find a cure for lung cancer and to spread awareness throughout the community. They hope that they can be seen as a group of strong independent young women making a difference and hopefully be the next generation of people to contribute towards finding a cure.