Makenna Liess

Friends Fighting Cancer Spotlight

Cupcakes for Cancer

Cupcakes for Cancer founder Makenna Liess

Everybody loves cupcakes! But "Cupcakes for Cancer" have double the love, as they are baked not only to satisfy your sweet tooth, but to support cancer treatment and research, too!

Cupcakes for Cancer is the brainchild of Makenna Liess, also known as "The Cupcake Girl." Makenna was only five years old when her uncle, Mark Hemmers, died after being diagnosed with a rare medullary cancer of the thyroid. Once diagnosed, Mark took part in a clinical trial at the UCLA Health Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center, (formally Premiere Oncology). That trial gave Mark two more years of life that he would not have had otherwise.

Makenna wanted others to have the same opportunity as Mark had, and so "Cupcakes for Mark" was born. 

The "Cupcakes for Cancer" tradition is now in its 10th year with over $50,000 having been given to the UCLA Health Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center Foundation.