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Become our partner in the fight against cancer

Here's a powerful way for those of us who aren't doctors or scientists to become partners in the fight against cancer. By making unrestricted gifts of $1,000 or more, Lifeline Connection members combine forces to provide the UCLA Health Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center with the resources needed to stay ahead of the curve.

Lifeline Connection donations support everything from investments in the latest technology and highly trained laboratory staff to seed grants for young investigators with new ways of decoding cancer. Everything is on the table and that's the point. When the UCLA Health Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center has a research need, Lifeline Connection meets it, quickly.

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Who is the Face of Lifeline Connection?

YOU are. Our members come from all walks of life. They're mothers, fathers, sons and daughters, individuals who have been profoundly impacted by cancer or simply care about making a difference for others.

How Do I Join?

Make an annual, unrestricted gift of $1,000 or more and you're in. You can contribute once in the full amount or set up a recurring monthly donation on our website to reach an annual goal. No matter how you give it, your contribution will advance life-saving cancer research.

There are three ways to join Lifeline Connection:

What Do I Get?

You get to wake up every morning knowing you're making a real difference for cancer patients and their families. We'll keep you posted on UCLA Health Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center discoveries so you can see your dollars at work and help spread the word about the latest advances. We'll also add your name to our honor roll, where the list of like-minded partners in this vital effort continues to grow.

So, what are you waiting for? Become our partner in the fight against cancer.