Find out what you can do to minimize the financial impact of cancer treatment.

Financial Help and Consultation

Have questions about how your cancer treatment options can affect your financial future? We help you find the guidance you need to evaluate your current finances and understand your financial landscape.

Health Insurance

Insurance is complicated. It can significantly reduce costs, but you may need some help understanding exactly who and what is covered. We can help you:

  • Learn how to switch insurance providers
  • Explore what type of insurance plan you have
  • Determine how changes to your treatment may affect what insurance covers
  • Find sources of insurance if you aren’t covered by an employer or parent

Careers and Cancer

You may be concerned about keeping your job during cancer treatment. We will help you figure out how to maintain employment. We recommend useful resources like:

  • Cancer and CareersProvides expert advice, resources and education on navigating cancer and possible work issues
  • Cancer Legal Resource CenterOffers unique, up-to-date education and assistance about maintaining employment during treatment to cancer patients and their families

Financial Help for AYAs

Quite a few programs are designed specifically to help young adults with cancer:

  • Cancer CareAssists with cancer-related costs, including copayments
  • DAM Cancer Foundation: Provides financial assistance to young adults age 18-40 years for everyday living expenses
  • Health Well FoundationProvides financial assistance through grants that support treatment-related costs not covered by insurance
  • The Leukemia & Lymphoma SocietyOffers dedicated financial assistance for copay assistance, transportation
  • Patient Advocate Foundation Co-Pay Relief (CPR): Pays most deductibles and full copays for prescriptions
  • The SAM FundSupports young adults after treatment ends, as they recover from the financial impacts of cancer treatment
  • Social Security Administration (SSI): Provides financial services for adolescents and young adults with medical illnesses
  • State Disability Insurance (SDI)Provides partial wage replacement benefits (60%-70% of earned wage, depending on income) for up to 52 weeks to eligible California workers who contributed employee payroll deductions but are unable to work

More Questions?

Please reach out to our program manager at [email protected] to find out how else we can help.