Browse a list of cancer resources to learn more about your diagnosis, course of treatment, mental and emotional wellness, finances and social support.

Diagnosis Information

Learn more about your diagnosis and treatment options:

  • 13thirty: Provides AYA-specific resources, including diet and fitness
  • American Cancer Society: Provides helpful answers to many questions about cancer
  • Cancer101: Helps patients and their support systems take control over a cancer diagnosis, empowering them to make informed decisions
  • Mission Control: Identifies local services across the nation available to young adults affected by cancer
  • National Cancer Institute: Provides up-to-date information about cancer, treatment options and clinical trials
  • Sarcoma Alliance: Provides education, guidance and support for those affected by sarcoma
  • Stupid Cancer: Has excellent information that specifically supports patients age 15-39

Social Support

Connect with people who understand what it means to be an adolescent or young adult with cancer:

Fertility Help

Learn about your options for starting a family after cancer treatment:

  • Alliance for Fertility Preservation: Helps patients find fertility preservation services in their area and provides education about their choices
  • A Rhea of Hope: Offers patient education, access to fertility services and treatments through financial assistance, a scholarship program and suggestions for men and women about a healthy lifestyle
  • Fertile Future: Specializes in fertility options ranging from sperm and embryo banking to stem cell storage and genetic counseling
  • Livestrong Fertility: Offers reproductive health information and support for those undergoing cancer treatments; provides financial assistance; and supplies regional or physician-specific fertility resource guides
  • Save My Fertility: Educates cancer patients about fertility preservation before and during cancer treatment
  • Take Charge: Educates people whose fertility may be threatened by a disease or treatment about family planning options

Financial and Career Assistance

Find the help you need to afford cancer treatments and fertility preservation:

  • Heart Beat: Supports patients pursuing fertility preservation services before cancer treatment
  • Oncofertility Consortium: Has fertility preservation billing resources and template letters that help health care professionals appeal a denial and bill insurers appropriately
  • Team Maggie: Provides financial assistance to women for fertility preservation
  • Tinina Q. Cade Foundation: Serves the needs of families battling infertility and provides financial assistance
  • Verna’s Purse: Provides financial assistance for storage-associated fertility preservation costs
  • Cancer and Careers: Provides expert advice, resources and education on navigating cancer and possible work issues
  • Cancer Legal Resource Center: Offers unique, up-to-date education and assistance about maintaining employment during treatment to cancer patients and their families
  • Cancer Care: Assists with cancer-related costs, including copayments
  • Health Well Foundation: Provides financial assistance through grants that support treatment-related costs not covered by insurance
  • The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society: Offers dedicated financial assistance for copay assistance, transportation
  • Patient Advocate Foundation Co-Pay Relief (CPR): Pays most deductibles and full copays for prescriptions
  • The SAM Fund: Supports young adults after treatment ends, as they recover from the financial impacts of cancer treatment
  • Social Security Administration (SSI): Provides financial services for adolescents and young adults with medical illnesses
  • State Disability Insurance (SDI): Provides partial wage replacement benefits (60%-70% of earned wage, depending on income) for up to 52 weeks to eligible California workers who contributed employee payroll deductions but are unable to work

Mental Health & Wellness

Get the support you need for your mental and emotional well-being both during and after cancer treatment:

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