Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA) Cancer Program

Compassionate care for people between the ages of 15-39 who are diagnosed with cancer.

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About the AYA Oncology Program

You're in the middle of the school year, a complex project at work, or planning your wedding. Life throws you a curveball when you find out you have cancer. What now?

The first step is working with UCLA Health’s medical team to develop your cancer treatment plan. They’ll walk you through your options and any potential impacts of chemotherapy, radiation therapy or surgery.

But what about the other aspects? What about your relationships, education or career? What about health insurance or financial assistance? What about overlooked things, such as the ability (or not) to get out of bed every morning?

Being diagnosed with cancer at this stage of life brings a whirlwind of emotions, questions and uncertainties. The UCLA Health AYA Oncology Program is here to help you live beyond your diagnosis — to help as you pause or un-pause your dreams. We're here to offer more than medical expertise; we offer compassion, understanding and a fierce determination to stand by your side through every high and low.

Welcome to a community where you're understood, supported and deeply cared for.

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To find out more about our UCLA AYA services, contact our Program Manager at [email protected]

You Are Not Alone

As a young adult battling breast cancer, Maricia felt especially alone. She is just one young adult patient who found community and support in UCLA Health's AYA Oncology Program.

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AYA Services and Support

Our program is here to help you navigate life during and after cancer. We offer a variety of services and support tailored specifically for adolescents and young adults. Options include:

  • Treatment collaboration
  • Oncofertility
  • Genetic testing
  • Financial navigation
  • Mental health services
  • Community and special events
  • Transition to survivorship
  • Clinical trials

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Our Team

Meet our incredible team members dedicated to supporting teenagers and young adults affected by cancer. From compassionate social workers and skilled doctors to empathetic nurses, psychologists and administrative leaders, we’ll stand by your side every step of the way.

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Access a hub of support and resources tailored specifically for adolescents and young adults facing cancer. Here you'll find a wealth of information, tools and guidance to navigate your journey with strength, resilience and hope.

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