How cancer and its associated treatments affect the body and fertility

Pregnant woman looking at sonogram pictures

What Is Oncofertility?

Oncofertility is an area of medicine that helps people with cancer understand their options for having children after treatment.

Why Oncofertility Matters for Young Adults

Children may be the last thing on your mind or may be your heart’s greatest desire. No matter where parenting falls on your list of life goals and priorities, cancer treatment can affect your ability to have children. Our team is here to provide you with the information you need to make the right choice for you.

Fertility Preservation

There’s a misconception, especially among young adults, that fertility preservation takes too long to be a realistic option if you have cancer. The reality is that several relatively quick options for both men and women can increase your chances of having children. UCLA’s oncofertility specialists can help you explore your options to have a family after cancer.

Female fertility options

  • Egg banking: Freezing eggs and storing them for future use
  • Embryo banking: Freezing and storing eggs fertilized with sperm (embryos)
  • Ovarian transposition: Moving the ovaries away from areas of the body that need radiation therapy
  • Tissue banking: Removing and freezing a small portion of healthy ovary to transplant later

Male fertility options

  • Sperm banking: Freezing and storing sperm with California Cryobank for future use
  • Testicular extraction: Surgically removing sperm to freeze (when ejaculation isn’t possible)
  • Tissue banking: Removing and freezing portions of the testicles to save and transplant later

Financing Fertility

We challenge you to think down the road about fertility planning, but we know that you also need to consider the immediacy of your finances.

We are here to help you process this important life decision, the financial considerations and the resources that may help you move forward. Discover resources for financing fertility preservation.