Get to know our group of social workers, doctors, surgeons, nurses, psychologists, and administrative leadership who are committed to helping teenagers and young adults who are affected by cancer. We focus not just on diagnosing and treating cancer but supporting young adults throughout the entire cancer journey.

Barb Jagels, RN, MHA, CPHQ

Barb Jagels, RN, MHA, CPHQ

Barb is the Senior Director of Cancer Services at UCLA Health, focusing on integrating care services throughout the system. Collaborating with the UCLA Health Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center, Barb ensures services align with research goals. Managing hospital clinics like the Bowyer Oncology Center and the Pediatric Infusion Center, as well as the Hematology Oncology Community Program, she supports radiation oncology, nuclear medicine, cancer genetics, and palliative care.

Barb aims to standardize systems and processes for all cancer patients at UCLA Health, measuring and characterizing program dynamics to guide strategic planning and expansion. Her role emphasizes a comprehensive, patient-centered approach to cancer care.

Jacqueline Casillas, MD

Dr. Jaqueline Casillas

Jacqueline Casillas, MD, is a pediatric oncologist and Professor of Pediatrics at UCLA Health. In her clinical roles, she directs the Pediatric and Adolescent Cancer Survivorship Program at UCLA Health and serves as the medical director of the Jonathan Jaques Children’s Cancer Institute.

Dr. Casillas is dedicated to enhancing the quality of cancer survivorship care, with a focus on reducing disparities through community partnerships. Her research empowers young survivors with the use of mobile health tools like text messaging self-management kits, as well as innovative educational approaches like photonovelas. Dr. Casillas is committed to improving survivors' knowledge of late effects and the importance of seeking survivorship-focused care, promoting proactive health management.

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Noah Federman, MD

Noah C. Federman, MD

Noah Federman, MD, is the co-director of the UCLA Health Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA) Cancer Program. As a professor of pediatrics and orthopaedic surgery at UCLA, Dr. Federman also leads the Pediatric Bone and Soft Tissue Sarcoma Program. Holding the Jonathan and Nancy Glaser Family Endowed Chair, he oversees the UCLA Clinical and Translational Research Center and the CIRM-funded UCLA Alpha Clinic, expediting gene and cellular clinical trials.

Dedicated to enhancing outcomes for teens and young adults with advanced musculoskeletal cancers, Dr. Federman played a key role in crafting National Comprehensive Cancer Center Guidelines for Adolescent Young Adult Oncology Care, marking his commitment to improving patient well-being.

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Steven Tsai, MD, PhD

Steven C. Tsai, MD, PhD

Steven Tsai, MD, PhD, is a physician-scientist who specializes in acute leukemia, bone marrow transplant and blood disorders. Balancing clinical practice and research, he's engaged in translational studies on engineered T-cells from diverse stem cell sources, aiming to pioneer innovative cellular therapies for blood cancers.

Dr. Tsai earned his MD and PhD from USC, completing residency at USC and hematology/oncology fellowship at UCLA. Board-certified in internal medicine, hematology, and medical oncology, he sees patients in Marina Del Rey and Westwood. Driven by a commitment to advancing treatment options, his work aligns clinical expertise with cutting-edge research to improve outcomes for individuals with blood cancers.

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Emi Kamiya, MBA

Emil Kamiya, MBA

Emi Kamiya, MBA, is the clinical director of hospital cancer services, nuclear medicine, and inpatient dialysis programs at UCLA Health. Since joining UCLA in 2010, Emi has been dedicated to ensuring quality healthcare. With previous experience as the administrator for UCLA Medical Center, Santa Monica, she led strategic initiatives for efficient resource allocation and staff management.

Emi's commitment to the patient experience led her to establish Santa Monica's first hospital-wide Patient and Family Advisory Committee in 2016. Passionate about fulfilling UCLA Health's mission, Emi works to provide patient-centric care and operationalize clinical goals for the betterment of healthcare services.

Nancy Freeman, RN, MSN, MBA

Nancy Freeman, RN, MSN, MBA

Nancy Freeman, RN, MSN, MBA, is the clinical director overseeing the Bowyer Oncology Center, Pediatric Infusion Center, and Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA) Cancer Program at UCLA Health. Since 2007, Nancy has played key roles in pediatrics, from bedside nurse to charge nurse. Her focus is on operationalizing clinical goals, driving quality improvement, and ensuring smooth clinical operations.

Previously, as the nurse manager for the Pediatric Infusion Center and a patient safety manager, Nancy consistently pursued quality improvement. Dedicated to enhancing the patient experience, she brings a passion for holistic improvement across the patient care process, embodying UCLA Health's commitment to excellence.

Vrushangi Shah, MHA

Vrushangi Shah, MHA

Vrushangi Shah, MHA, is the program manager for the Adolescent & Young Adult (AYA) Cancer Program at UCLA Health. In her role, Vrushangi optimizes processes for better patient and provider care, focusing on program development to complement medical care. With a commitment to health equity, diversity, and inclusion, she strategically plans for program growth, ensuring increased access to care.

Vrushangi's prior experience as a health system administrative fellow equipped her with valuable insights into large health system operations and strategy. Holding a six-sigma black belt from USC Sol Price School of Public Policy, she is dedicated to creating a world-class experience for AYA patients and caregivers.