Our community is here to help you navigate life after cancer.

Woman wearing head scarf looking out window

What Is Survivorship?

Survivorship is the process of living through, with and beyond cancer. That means survivorship starts at diagnosis.

During Treatment

The first part of survivorship is about self-care and living well while undergoing cancer treatment. It's also about understanding what’s happening to your body and mind and making decisions that can affect the future. We are here to anchor and support you throughout this difficult process.

After Cancer

Cancer is just one part of your journey, though it may have changed the landscape around you. We can help you transition into the next phase of life.

Follow-up care

We are your lifelong partner in survivorship, here to support your mental and physical health. In the years beyond cancer care, we will monitor you for lingering side effects. When needed, we will follow up with appropriate testing and specialists.

Coping with emotions

If you’ve been sent home free of cancer, it’s natural to experience a wide range of emotions. You may feel ready to move forward but unable to because of anxiety, guilt or fear. Our community can help you deal with those emotions and move forward.

Taking on more

Ultimately, survivorship is about more than surviving after cancer, it’s about flourishing. Our team wants to act as your sounding board as you live a healthy, happy and prosperous life. This may mean that we help with tackling issues like:

  • Going back to school or work
  • Living with side effects or chronic cancer
  • Navigating new or changed relationships
  • Coping with the fear of recurrence
  • Overcoming a reluctance to connect with others
  • Making financial plans