Find cancer resources to learn more about your diagnosis, course of treatment and work-life balance.

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Diagnosis Information

Learn more about your diagnosis and treatment options:

  • 13thirty: Provides AYA-specific resources, including diet and fitness
  • American Cancer SocietyProvides helpful answers to many questions about cancer
  • Cancer101Helps patients and their support systems take control over a cancer diagnosis, empowering them to make informed decisions
  • Mission controlIdentifies local services across the nation available to young adults affected by cancer
  • National Cancer InstituteProvides up-to-date information about cancer, treatment options and clinical trials
  • Sarcoma AllianceProvides education, guidance and support for those affected by sarcoma
  • Stupid CancerHas excellent information that specifically supports patients age 15-39

Meet People Who Get It

Connect with people who understand what it means to be a young or emerging adult with cancer:

Fertility Help

Learn about your options for starting a family after cancer treatment:

  • Alliance for Fertility PreservationHelps patients find fertility preservation services in their area and provides education about their choices
  • A Rhea of HopeOffers patient education, access to fertility services and treatments through financial assistance, scholarship program and suggestions for men and women about a healthy lifestyle
  • Fertile FutureSpecializes in fertility options ranging from sperm and embryo banking to stem cell storage and genetic counseling
  • Livestrong FertilityOffers reproductive health information and support for those undergoing cancer treatments, provides financial assistance and supplies regional or physician-specific fertility resource guides
  • Save My FertilityEducates cancer patients about fertility preservation before and during cancer treatment
  • Take ChargeEducates people whose fertility may be threatened by a disease or treatment about family planning options

Financing Fertility Help

Find the help you need to afford fertility preservation:

  • Heart Beat: Supports patients pursuing fertility preservation services before cancer treatment
  • Oncofertility Consortium: Has fertility preservation billing resources and template letters that help health care professionals appeal a denial and bill insurers appropriately
  • Team MaggieProvides financial assistance to women for fertility preservation
  • Tinina Q. Cade FoundationServes the needs of families battling infertility and provides financial assistance
  • Verna’s PurseProvides financial assistance for storage-associated fertility preservation costs

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