Videos of Targeted Prostate Biopsy & HIFU

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High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) and Targeted Prostate Biopsy

HIFU, or High Intensity Focused Ultrasound, uses powerful ultrasonic energy to destroy tissue deep within the body. UCLA now owns an FDA-approved HIFU device for non-invasive treatment of prostate cancer. This device shows incredible promise to destroy tumors with a reduced risk of side effects.

Active Surveillance for Low-Risk Prostate Cancer (CaP)

A lecture by Leonard S. Marks (MD) at the Simms/Mann 2012 Insights Into Cancer series.

MR-US Fusion Guided Prostate Biopsies: Technical Discussion

Technical overview of the procedure for MR-US fusion guided biopsy of the prostate.

Image Fusion Technology in Action

An example of image fusion technology as employed by the United States military. Our group performs fusion of ultrasound and MRI images using many of the same principles.

Path Towards Focal Therapy of Prostate Cancer at UCLA

Development of the targeting and fusion technology to enable focal laser therapy of prostate cancer.

Debate Pro Vs. Con: The Value of MR-Guided Biopsy

Debate at the American Urology Association 2016 annual meeting, featuring Dr. Leonard Marks debating in favor of MRI for targeted prostate biopsy.

A Sea-Change of Prostate Cancer Management

Dr. Leonard Marks lectures on contemporary management of Prostate Cancer.

Targeted Prostate Biopsy Coverage on KABC

UCLA's Targeted Prostate Biopsy program as reviewed in a special segment on KABC.

MRI-US Fusion for Prostate Biopsy in an Active Surveillance Program, Award-Winning Video

Award-Winning video honored at the American Urology Association 2014 Meeting.

UCLA Active Surveillance Program on KABC

KABC Eyewitness News covers UCLA's targeted prostate biopsy program on July 28th, 2014.