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Trust your care to our dedicated sarcoma experts. For more information, connect with a cancer care specialist at 888-662-8252.

Patient Benefits of UCLA Sarcoma Center

  • ReputationOur doctors are leaders in their field. Many of them helped to develop and improve some of the surgical techniques, radiation therapy and systemic therapies used at hospitals across the world today for sarcoma treatment.
  • Expert Diagnosis: As the third largest sarcoma center in the country, our team has considerable experience in evaluating sarcoma cases and determining the optimal course of treatment for patients.
  • Team Approach: Our team includes specialists in oncologic surgery, orthopedic oncology surgery, thoracic oncology surgery, medical oncology, pediatric oncology, gynecologic oncology, radiation oncology, pathology, and radiology. They work together to diagnose and treat our patients in a multidisciplinary fashion at a weekly sarcoma tumor board.
  • Advanced Treatments: Several clinical trials of novel compounds are available for patients.

Patient Referrals to the UCLA Sarcoma Center

Our partnership with health professionals in the community is important to our success at UCLA. We are available to assist referring physicians and case managers to having patients seen in a timely fashion at UCLA or immediately via hospital to hospital transfer(See below). The main number for the UCLA Sarcoma Center is Telephone: 310-267-2651 and Fax: 310-825-7575. Our physicians are also available for a one-on-one phone or online consultation to discuss patient cases as they arise. You can contact our experts via email at [email protected]

Hospital-to-Hospital Transfer
The UCLA Transfer Center (310-825-0909) may be able to further assist in facilitating transfers to the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center and UCLA Santa Monica Medical Center.

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