After Surgery

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Do I follow up with my neurosurgeons?

Your discharge paperwork will include information on your postoperative visit needs.  Our navigation and care coordination teams will coordinate your appointments; they will include meetings with your neurosurgeon and any other physicians as appropriate.  Depending on your specific diagnosis and post-discharge needs, these appointments will likely take place within a few weeks after discharge.

What if I need to see other doctors?

In addition to seeing the neurosurgeon for a postoperative visit, many patients will also see physicians from neuro-oncology and/or radiation oncology for continued treatment and follow-up care. Our integrated team plans around the needs of each individual patient and all information about follow-up care will be communicated with you upon and after discharge so you are clear on what the next steps of your care journey will be.  You may also need or want to see physicians from other specialties, and our navigators will discuss the best way to handle this with you.

When and with whom do I get my results?

The final diagnosis from the neuropathologist will take around 10 days to determine, and will serve as a key factor in our interdisciplinary team’s care plan for you.  Your diagnosis will be discussed with you at your first follow-up appointment with the physician.

Will I receive any other services after the surgery?

In some cases, our clinical team may recommend certain services to help you fully recover from your surgery, such as rehabilitation, physical therapy or occupational therapy. Depending on where they are offered, services may be coordinated through our inpatient case managers or through our navigation team.