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Put your trust in our internationally recognized brain tumor experts. For more information, connect with a cancer care specialist at 310-825-5111.

At the UCLA Brain Tumor Center, we use a team approach in everything we do. Our team includes the best and brightest minds in brain tumor care. Working together, our brain tumor doctors seamlessly deliver innovative and personalized care for complex tumors.

UCLA Brain Tumor Center: Meet Our Team

When it comes to treating brain tumors, our team of physicians represents the best in the country, if not the world. From diagnosis and imaging to chemotherapy (neuro oncology) and neurosurgery, each member of our team is solely focused on caring for patients with brain tumors. This approach helps us provide the best possible care and treatments to more than 800 patients a year.

Part of what makes our program so successful is that our brain tumor doctors are always conferring. In fact, we are one of the few fully integrated brain tumor programs in the country. Working together as a group and not as individual departments allows us to deliver care more efficiently and effectively:

  • As a new patient, you (or your referring physician) do not need to determine which of our specialists to see. Dedicated brain tumor nurse and patient navigators anticipate your needs, coordinate specialist care and provide a seamless care experience.
  • When you receive treatment, you can have peace of mind knowing your treatment plan is informed by some of the country’s foremost brain tumor experts.
  • If the tumor comes back, we are able to offer alternate or more aggressive therapies without delay. Our experience working together helps us make important decisions quickly, which helps you receive treatments faster.

UCLA’s Brain Tumor Integrated Practice Unit

At the core of the Brain Tumor Center team is our Integrated Practice Unit (IPU). One of the few units of its kind, the strength of this group derives from our experts’ individual brain tumor expertise as well as their years of experience working together. 

Specialties represented on our IPU include:

Neurosurgery | Pediatric Neurosurgery | Neuro-Oncology | Pediatric Neuro-Oncology | Radiation Oncology | Neuropathology | Neuroradiology

For Department of Neurosurgery specific questions, please contact us at: (310) 825-5111.

Pediatric Neuro-Oncology

For Department of Radiation Oncology specific questions, please call us at: (310) 825-9775.

For Division of Neuropathology specific questions, please contact us at: (310) 825-7230.

For Division of Neuroradiology specific questions, please contact us at: (310) 301-6800.


Other specialties on the team include:

  • Neuroanesthesiology
  • Neuropsychology
  • Nursing
  • Social work

Our team meets on a regular basis to discuss complex cases during tumor boards. During these discussions, we combine the latest clinical advances from research and clinical trials with our subspecialty expertise. Some tumor boards bring together as many as 50 specialists and are “standing room only.”

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Call us at (310) 825-5111 or send an email to [email protected] to request more information or make an appointment.