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Our Brain Tumor Tissue Repository (BTTR) is one of the first of its kind and houses more than 11,000 brain tumor samples. In addition to supporting research across the country, we use our database to determine the most appropriate clinical trial or treatment for you.

UCLA Brain Tumor Center: Brain Tumor Tissue Repository

The BTTR is an advanced database that we use to track important details about each patient’s tumor tissue, care and treatment. UCLA was one of the first programs in the country to develop a dedicated brain tumor database. Housing information from 20 years’ worth of patient care, our BTTR database is a powerful tool in our fight against brain tumors.

Our BTTR database supports brain tumor research at UCLA, other academic centers and prestigious research networks by:

  • Identifying unique cellular characteristics (biomarkers) of certain tumors, which helps us personalize treatments
  • Using custom software to quickly and efficiently analyze hundreds of variables for a particular tumor type in order to answer important research questions 
  • Helping us determine which treatments and trials may work best for you
  • Identifying patients for whom previous treatments have been unsuccessful when a new therapy becomes available
  • Applying outcomes information to accelerate new findings in our research laboratory

UCLA’s Dedicated Brain Tumor Bio-Repository: About the BTTR Database

The BTTR database is maintained by a dedicated team of experts that includes a neuropathologist specializing in brain tumors. We follow strict rules (protocols) for collecting and handling tumor tissue and patient information. Doing so preserves the accuracy and reliability of our database and is part of what makes it such a powerful tool.

Information housed in the BTTR includes:

  • Blood samples
  • Cell cultures
  • Tumor samples
  • Imaging studies
  • Treatment information, including specific chemotherapy agents and radiation doses
  • Outcome information
  • Genetic and molecular information
  • Urine samples
  • Cancer type, grade and any mutations

As with other research and clinical trials at UCLA, participation in the database is strictly optional. By allowing us to include your information in the BTTR, you are contributing to our efforts to improve brain tumor care. You can relax knowing we honor your confidentiality. We take extra steps to protect the identity of your samples and treatment information.

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